We had rethought materials of lithium-ion battery,
    and then used iron phosphate and nanotechnology.

    Our battery is more higher performance than existing "LiCoO2 battery"

    and "Dependable""Feel Safe""Eco-Friendly"「LiFePO4 battery」.

    We are manufacturing and selling rechargeble battery for mobile device
    embedded this "Next-Generation Battery".

  1 ) High-Speed Charging

     Our battery can achieve reduced charging hours.

     Reducing hours more than 10 times better than existing battery.

  2 )Long Service Life

     Our battery is very few pyretic action and long service life.

     Service life more than 4 times better than existing battery.


Comparative Item Existing Battery Our Battery Remarks Column
Core Material Lithium cobalt oxide
Lithium iron phosphate
Rating capacity 2,200mAh 1,450mAh
Charging Hours 3〜5 hours About 10 minutes
Output Maximum 1A Rating 1A based on standard of recieving end battery
Usable Times 500 Times 2,000 Times Maximum Capacity of LiCoO2 is variable according to how to discharge and charge
pyretic action Potentialiy burst Low-heat
on load environment
(Low temperature・High temperature)
Fall to a low performance Maintain a performance
Materials Amount of rare metal:Many
Cost of manufacturing:High
Amount of rare metal:Non
Cost of manufacturing:Low
(Disposal damage to the environment)
Many Few